Hospice Tails

Hospice Tails - Nonfiction by Debra Stang

Based on my experience as a hospice social worker, Hospice Tails is a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant collection of 13 essays about the animal companions who stuck with their humans until the very end.

In these pages, you will meet King, an abused pit bull fiercely protective of the human who rescued him. You’ll also be introduced to Tabitha, a cat who was able to break the ice surrounding a widow’s heart, and Gus, a man who loved his horse more than anything else.

Hospice Tails has received rave reviews. End of life expert Barbara Karnes wrote, “I loved it! I smiled, I cried, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.” Another reader called the book “mandatory reading.” Hospice Tails is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.


Debra Stang Freelance Writer, Author, & Editor

I’ve always loved reading, writing, and editing. Yeah, I was the geeky kid in English class who always raised her hand. But now I’m using my love of the language for good. I can craft an educational brochure, a compelling call to action, or an amusing factoid that can go viral.


It’s never easy to trust someone else to work on a piece that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. When you turn your work over to me, you don’t need to worry about the snide remarks or harsh criticism you get from other editors. Instead, I’ll take your side and work with you to make your writing as strong as it can be. Together, we can tell the story you want the world to hear!