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As most of you know, I write both fiction (Visiting Grandma) and nonfiction (Hospice Tails). But you probably don’t know about all the fiction I write.

A few years ago, I was having drinks with a gay friend. My fiction writing was stalled, and I was bemoaning the fact. After listening for a while, he made a suggestion. “Why not write gay male erotica?”

My jaw must have dropped to the table.

He laughed. “What the hell, add some BDSM elements. It’s just for fun, after all. It’s not supposed to be good.”

When I got home, I was still completely blocked on all of my projects. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take my friend’s advice. Since I’ve always enjoyed urban legends, I decided to take my favorite one and throw in a couple of gay characters.

It started out as stiff and awful as everything else I’d been writing. Then, two pages in, I got a surprise. My pen started to fly. My characters galloped to life and claimed the story for their own. Parts of it were funny, but it wasn’t at all the spoof I’d set out to write. It was passionate and intense and a lot darker than I expected.

I showed the result to my friend. His eyes grew wide as he read. “This is good,” he said. “And hot. It needs to be on Kindle.”

Several edits and a lot of angst later, The Spanking of the Vanishing Hitchhiker was born. I was nervous about using my own name, so I published it under the pseudonym Alexander Wilder. Alexander for Alexander the Great and for my orange cat, Wilder as a tip of the hat to Oscar Wilde.

I wrote several stories as Alexander. In fact, he went on to become a best-selling author on Kindle. Then I changed jobs and started taking on more editing projects and writing more nonfiction. Alexander and his stories kind of fell by the wayside.

Lately, though, he’s been experiencing a revival. His short story, “The Big, Bad Wolf” appeared in the anthology Charming: Modern Gay Erotic Fairy Tales by Circlet Press. I’ve also been re-editing his short stories and changing up the book covers.

Best of all, Alexander has become quite pushy about some new ideas he has and some new stories he wants to tell. Look for them to appear on Kindle as the year progresses.

It still feels a little odd sometimes to be an out lesbian with a knack for writing gay male spanking fiction, but I’m making my peace with it. Alexander is a part of me, and I’ll be glad to list his publications.

Charming: Modern Erotic Fairy Tales

Charming by Alexander Wilder

The Spanking of the Vanishing Hitchhiker

Spanking of the Vanishing Hitchhiker by Alexander Wilder

Prince Vimal and the Golden Hairbrush

Prince Vimal and the Golden Hairbrush by Alexander Wilder

How Prince Darling Became a King

How Prince Darling Became a King by Alexander Wilder

Red-Botommed Riding Hood

Red-Botommed Riding Hood by Alexander Wilder

Faithful Falada and the Gooseboy

Faithful Falada and the Goose Boy by Alexander Wilder

The Robber Bridegroom

Robber Bridegroom: Gay Spanking Romance Book by Alexander Wilder

The Vengeance of the Forsaken Soldier

Vengeance of the Forsaken Soldier by Alexander Wilder

Snow White and the Seven Spankings

Snow White and the Seven Spankings by Alexander Wilder

12 Whipped Princes and other Gay Spanking Stores (coming soon)

12 Whipped Princes & Other Gay Spanking Stories by Alexander Wilder