Visiting Grandma
Visiting Grandma

(a novel)

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Thirteen year old Danny Bowman thinks his life is crap. His grandmother has Alzheimer's disease. His mother's a drunk. The kids in his class tease him because he's gay. And his mother's latest boyfriend, Mark, has started coming on to him.

Danny has always been confident in his ability to survive abuse. After all, he's been doing it practically from birth. But as Mark drags him deeper into a web of physical and sexual brutality, Danny's thoughts turn from survival to self-destruction.

If he is to find the strength to defeat Mark, he must dig deep into his family's troubled history and into his own tormented mind. And he must do the hardest thing of all: take a chance on trusting another human being just one more time.

"Tautly written in first person with well-developed characters...Debra Stang powerfully etches a story conveying a powerful message. No matter how grim life is, don't ever give up hope for a better tomorrow."
-- Wendy Dunn, award-winning author of Dear Heart, How Like You This?

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